A name that means angelic, god-like, and non-judgmental. If you find yourself in the presence of a Leta you are lucky indeed. She is the person who will put everything in perspective for you. She is sort of like the human equivalent of Mother Earth.
Sinner: I think I may have started that forest fire that is burning through California as we speak.

Priest: Well, what are you doing here? You better go find yourself a "Leta" and ask for some help. WWLD.
by leta12 February 3, 2010
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Most likey the greatest girl you will ever meet. Amazing , beautiful and so much more. A princess . My princess. A cool laid back chick:
by DBLOCK NIGGER April 23, 2011
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A Woman or women of God Like nature .
No one can ever top a female with this name they are loyal and honest.

Look how stunning the eyes are on Women with this name.

If you find yourself in company with a woman named Leta don't get all upset if they confuse you.

You will never ever find any Woman like this person again.

There is just something magical about them and how they draw you in .

These are Women of A once different place we once lived in .
Even the Name Leta Means Joy and peace and mystical energy.
Most people will Lie or Ruin the reputations of these beautiful Women only out of jealousy and spite.
If you Hear someone speaking negatively on A girl or women with this name remember this.
Have you actually taken the time to Know Her or Have you ever met someone with this name .

Promise once you do you will never feel the same.
" Have you seen that girl named Leta ? "
" There is just something about her that's so exotic "
" You never had joy unless you spent time with a real vixen with a elle "
" If you meet a witch be careful she isn't a leta "
" My ex husband left me under a spell of that siren Leta "
" Leta has a god like talent with those eyes doesn't she ? "
by ClearAsCystalsInTheSun April 20, 2020
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Leta outfit girl. That teacher is hella leta.
by Saher_AF August 20, 2016
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someone who uses you for money
You should stay away from her, she is such a leta.
by jb May 28, 2003
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Short for Jaleata. If she’s called Leta that means she’s at her Prime Thott Stage
Girl 1: jaleata is called leta now

Girl 2: Oh no! Hide ur boyfriends!!!!
by NesquikLorddd June 25, 2019
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leTa gathered millions today in honor of all who have suffered in any form of slavery.
by cypress cruz February 3, 2010
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