A term used by someone who agrees to play a video game with someone in a chat message. Primarily discord
Person 1: Yo you wanna play Call of Duty?
Person 2: Sure let me get on
by JapaneseLetters June 25, 2021
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A phrase used for motivating others or yourself to achieve something in a videogame
Jack while playing CoD with Mike, Bob and Shrek: “Let's get it gamers!”
Bob: “Get what?”
Mike: “Your mom's pussy.”
Shrek: “At this rate you're not gonna get any pussy Mike.”
Mike then cried in eternity
by Dr.Anime March 17, 2020
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To go absolutely insane and get CRAZY. Usually said when you are feeling dangerous and want others to feed off your energy.
Hey, man I am so bored should we drink and get Crazy?

Yeah dude, LET'S GET NUTS

By: Mike Rob
by MIKE ROBBBBBBBB July 08, 2021
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Smoke so much weed to the point of getting paranoid, after which the high is awesome!
I got some great diesel, let's get paranoid.
by Coma, the Doof Warrior January 04, 2020
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The act of becoming drunk, plastered, hammered, etc...
"Let's get shit-faced!"

"Hey guys who wants to get schiested?"

"Let's get schiested!"
by Carguy96 May 03, 2014
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Let's Get Shitty means - When we meet up or kick it , let's not waste time on small talk let's just get Down & Dirty. Have Dirty Freaky Sex.
by Dirty Girl Gypsy 1437 August 02, 2015
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A phrase commonly used when team Kinderschoko esports were playing their debut tournament with immediate success.
Jakobobbi: Let's get this bread
by WörterbuchMoritz November 11, 2018
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