Having sex in very long periods for the purpose of becoming closer and uniting as one. Originated from the Sanskrit word "Tantra" meaning woven together.
"I am so exhausted! My husband has been getting really into tantric sex lately and he's keeping me up all night."
by Fcknweirdo.o May 23, 2015
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having sex in long sessions which can last for hours,longer and closer(to the orgasim) that u get the better the orgasm and everyone is happier with a longer orgasim which i clearly havnt spelled right once but thats ok
Steve:So Jim Bob...how was the sex last night?

Jim Bob: O! we had tantric sex till the sun came up!

Steve:With YOUR DAD!?!?

Jim Bob: yeah bro..
by ill a noise July 11, 2008
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A sensual gang bang in high temperatures. The gang that is banging is made up of monkies and ninjas. Mostly the act of hot ninja tantric monkey sex involves a close relationship with a penis and an anus...mostly.
"My boyfriend and i do the nasty approx. 23 times a day. and its more like hot ninja tantric monkey sex."
by Shaniqua Wellsfargo January 17, 2008
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