3 definitions by Applestein

When an individual feels like his surroundings are like an earthquake. It's pretty self-explanatory! One needs to take medication to lower the symptoms.
Oh no! My earthquake syndrome is kicking in! *rumbling noises*
by Applestein October 28, 2020
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An individual yeets a rock into a woman's vagina within a distance of five feet.
Welcome back to Vagina-Yeeting! Participants Richie and Michael will attempt to throw a rock into Katie's vagina!
by Applestein August 19, 2019
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Essentially don’t let these bitches get in front of your goals!
Let’s say you get led on by someone or a girl plays you. This saying is perfect for this situation! Then you say “Don’t let these whore get in front your chores”.
by Applestein August 25, 2020
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