Another term for a child molester discovered in a position of authority.
Did you see on the news that Inspector Mo Lester got another one?
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
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When you are even more starvin than Marvin. Extremely hungry to the point where you are nauseous. Lester was actually Marvins cousin, but he died from Starvation.
Dude, I have not eaten anything since last night, I'm starvin like lester!
by Mike Mehak May 05, 2011
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dANiel LestEr gOod sugGesTioN--- 0i
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Lester is a funny person with a kind heart, although it may not seem so.

He comes to be a real gentlemen when dealing with woman and is usually good at maths.

He cherishes he many friends or Chad and probably has a liking in jojo, his sex life is often exciting and his penis is humongous, he doesn't respect people who have bigger balls then their penis.

Lester is shy when it comes to flirting but has loads of girl friends who want to share his cum.
Lester Wong Long Yiu is fucking hot.
by Marcus Philips November 08, 2021
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Cameron lester

the worst guy you could ever think of pussy out of fights whith franki and Harry cameron lester what a pussy
No one is freinds whith cameron lester
by Cameron lester February 04, 2017
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