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A religion practiced globally that is based around homosexual women who worship a god they call Hayley Kiyoko
Katie: You know, Lidia had been listening to a lot of Hayley Kiyoko lately, I think she does lesbianism.
Lauren: No way, really?
by Weenorboi69 October 28, 2019
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Lying flat refers to a defeatist lifestyle in Chin, where people stop working, desiring material acquisition, and tap out of any social life ā€“ sometimes for good. By lying flat, young people are participating in a kind of non-cooperation movement, rather than surrendering themselves to China's oppressive work culture where they see little hope of social mobility.
Iā€™m not going to try to get a better job so I can afford to start a family, Iā€™m just lying flat.
by Freeo11 June 04, 2021
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lesbianism is when a fine lady and another fine lady have 'special feelings' for each other and express these feelings by sensual bliss acts of nature performed by each other
Paula went with Anna back to her apartment to engage in a rough night of erotic lesbianism.
by _dozer July 18, 2005
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The act of being a Lesbian.
Sarah got caught for making out with a girl in the bathroom, the teacher gave them a referral for public Lesbianism.
by Malcavious Xero August 11, 2006
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"Sally and Sarah are doin' some lesbianism shit rn"
via giphy
by skintykween January 04, 2020
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julia and kim šŸ‘ŒšŸ»
Peron 1 : do you know if there are lesbians this school
Person 2 : yeah julia and kim are the like definition of lesbianism
by asdfghjklpoiuytre May 16, 2019
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