A religion practiced globally that is based around homosexual women who worship a god they call Hayley Kiyoko
Katie: You know, Lidia had been listening to a lot of Hayley Kiyoko lately, I think she does lesbianism.
Lauren: No way, really?
by Weenorboi69 October 29, 2019
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The act of being a Lesbian.
Sarah got caught for making out with a girl in the bathroom, the teacher gave them a referral for public Lesbianism.
by Malcavious Xero August 12, 2006
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julia and kim 👌🏻
Peron 1 : do you know if there are lesbians this school
Person 2 : yeah julia and kim are the like definition of lesbianism
by asdfghjklpoiuytre May 16, 2019
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When two girls can't find cock
Person 1: Boi lesbianism sucks
Person 2: *cry*
by MeminDemon November 4, 2019
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Jason: that girl Kayla is such a hottie. I can turn her straight

William: dude, she’s a lesbian, respect that.
by definitely not gay totally October 23, 2019
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Similar to a vegetarian, in the fact that they don't eat meat.
Me: Hey did you know Izzy is a lesbian?
Friend: Really?
Me: Yeah.
by ShrekIsLiveLaughLove February 19, 2020
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