11 definitions by MeminDemon

Anything you do and/or say needs to be sexual
Nature: begins sexual September
The world: population goes up 50%
by MeminDemon November 08, 2019
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If you have intercourse it needs to be anal. No blowjobs, titjobs or creampies.
Bitch: Tries putting dick in pussy
Male hot boi: No it's anal August *puts dick in ass*
by MeminDemon November 14, 2019
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Our Lord and savior who solves all of the worlds problems
Doctor Phil: "Ur fat, ur stupid, why u here bitch."
Karen: "Why u bully me cunt"
Doctor Phil: "No u"
Audience: "clap clap clap clap clap"
by MeminDemon October 29, 2019
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When it's April you have to fuck/eat the ass of your gf.
Person 1: Fuck my pussy
Person 2: No it's gotta be the ass.
Person 1: Y
Person 2: bc it's eat ass April
by MeminDemon November 08, 2019
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Jobin Higashikata is a major antagonist of the eighth arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, entitled "JoJolion". He is the user of the standSpeed king」and has a massive beetle collection that he uses to have them fight each other for his enjoyment. He seeks the new rokakaka in hopes of curing the rock disease from his son Tsurogi.
Josuke: "Jobin Higashikata is our enemy, Yasuho. He wants the plant to himself although we only need one to cure Holly-san. We can't let him do that."
Yasuho: "Understood Josuke. I'll alert you if I see anything suspicious from him."
by MeminDemon April 30, 2021
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