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1. Is usually the quiet yet hot/sexy girl from your class.

2. Is the hottest Mexican you'll ever meet.

3. Is short, has long black hair, long legs, a nice ass, and some nice boobs with a great figure.

4. They may seem to be not very strong and innocent but they are far from that. They are really feisty and strong.

4. Gives the most hottest sex ever.

5. When it comes to their friends they will do as much as they can to protect them and make sure to beat the shit out of the people hurting them.
Friend 1: "Dude, have you noticed the short hot af Mexican? I want to ask her out but I don't know her name."

Friend 2: " Yeah, but I don't know her name. I'm guessing she's a Lennis since she's extremely hot.
by selenagomezsexyaf November 09, 2016
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Two girls named Lexi and Jenni who choose to combine their names to make one shortned name. They are usually two best friends who act immature the majority of the time.
Lexi: Hey Lenni!
Jenni: Hey Lenni! What's up, hoe!?
Lexi: Wow, you're such a good friend.
Jenni: I know, right?
by Jenni Adrenochrome May 29, 2008
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