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Lenae’s are the most perect girl that walks into your life, she is perfect in every single way, she would deny this because she is supper modest. She is also the prettiest girl you will meet that has very intense green ish hazel eyes. She is very athletic with a perfect body. Most people will instantly fall in love with her. She will be shy once you meet her but she is very loyal, trustworthy, friendly, caring, understand and will be with you through it all. She always lights up the room and gets all the attention even thought she hates attention. She also loves people to care about her even though it may not seem like it when she pushes you out so you don’t find out what she’s hiding. Yes she normally hides a lot of secrets and covers her tracks up well
lenae- she is probably to busy playing tennis
by Katie4172 May 16, 2018
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a blunt and beautiful person with amazing hair. They are good at listening to their parents. Even though they hate it.
Lenae can't come because she'e busy playing that sport her mom made her do. I think it's tennis.
by chrinaeteahmetria May 14, 2016
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A resting bitch face chick, that probably has probably told you to "go suck your nan". A soon to be convicted murderer and probably has a bigger dick than you.
"She that leafy lookin' ass over there?"
"That's a fucking Lenae"
by Some_Mecha_Hoes May 12, 2017
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