A hard-working person known for their long hours of work

Also describes people who are victims of capitalism, which is one of the reasons why they work overtime frequently
Hay, nakakapagod maging len len wala pa rin akong tulog hanggang ngayon.

My brother needs a job! Hindi kasi siya len len kaya wala pa rin siyang trabaho. Tambay na siya for so many years.
by Blengblong Narcos February 14, 2022
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Len Kagamine is the second vocaloid, along with Rin Kagamine, in Crypton Future Media's 'Character Vocal' series, including Miku Hatsune, Luka Megurine, and and unnamed CV04.

Given that the program has two separate voicebanks, Rin and Len Kagamine still sell for the same amount as Miku Hatsune; approximately $200 USD.

Rin and Len were first released December 27th with an ACT1 that was of terrible quality. Crypton quickly released an ACT2, and gave users who purchased ACT1 the new ACT free of charge. ACT2 is no longer sold.

Len is due to get 3 appends, Moody, Soft, and Power, December of 2010, and a possible english update, if Miku Hatsune's English update sells well.

Len has many squealing fangirls. We know that his proven 'biggest fangirl' goes by the name of 'Luna' or 'Krystal'.

He is most often paired with KAITO or Rin, as far as VOCALOID go, and is paired with Ichine Luna as far as UTAU go.

Despite popular belief, Len's name is spelt as it is on the box, 'Len Kagamine', not Ren. Rin and Len's names are puns on Right(Rin) and Left(Len). The spelling is important.
Len Kagamine is sexy! <3
I just bought Rin and Len.
by V0C@L0!D October 12, 2010
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len is a very commonly used word in Gravesend to describe someone that is very stoned
oh my god wakerz i am so len!
by rokah mandem June 22, 2006
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A shortened nickname for Kagamine Len (鏡音レン), a character from the Japanese singing program, Vocaloid. Also called Ren or レン. He is mainly considered a shota and is often thought of as being a homosexual. He is also far more frequently depicted along with his twin sister / mirror reflection, Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン).

Len has a large fanbase of squealing fangirls and dies frequently in Vocaloid PVs. He is often paired with other male Vocaloids by the will of these fangirls.

There is a large debate among Vocaloid fans about whether Rin and Len are siblings or mirror reflections. This is rooted in the fact that in the actual Vocaloid program, Rin and Len come as a set and have the same voice actress, as well as the claim that the creator made an announcement that "Rin and Len are not twins, and are in fact mirror reflections". Also, their last name, "Kagamine" is translated as "Mirror-sound", as well as their names "Rin" and "Len" meaning "right" and "left".
Yeah, I actually just bought Rin and Len.
by FlutterFly May 31, 2010
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Often described as extremely handsome, smart, fun, cool, selfless and kind-hearted. They are also known for being incredibly good friends, always putting other people's needs on top priority. If you have a Len in your life, in whatever way that might be, you are definitely lucky.
Person a: Len looked very good in that pic, right?

Person b: Oh for sure, he's so handsome!

"Len gave me a cute nickname the other day and I blushed so hard it felt like my face was on fire, he's so sweet!"

"Len is so cool! I wish I could be closer to him."
by rio bird boy December 15, 2018
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A homosexual man that is a great friend, lover, and video game player. He has a big dick too.
yo you was so fly at the party im finna call you len.
by Friendly Friends March 9, 2018
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A Canon 200mm 1.8L. One of the sharpest lenses ever made. It acts as a benchmark for every other lens.

It weighs about 7 lbs. As of writing they cost about $3,500-$4,000 used.
"The Lens" can out resolve the sensor on the Canon 5D wide open.

"The Lens" is great for sports photography.
by Nick M.87 April 30, 2008
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