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In Britain and some other countries, lemonade normally means a clear, lemon-flavoured carbonated soft drink, similar to 7-up or Sprite without the lime flavour. Can be quite pleasant or fairly nasty depending on the quality of flavourings and sweetener used.

Commercial versions of the cloudy drink Americans call "Lemonade" are sold there as "Traditional Lemonade".

Supposedly the Irish call this clear drink "white lemonade" because they also have something called "red lemonade" which looks and tastes different.
Do 7-up and Sprite count as lemonade? Who knows.
by Saul Pieman June 11, 2007

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Everything2 ("E2") is a web-based pseudo-encyclopedia written by its users. Although it has similarities to Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary, there are also major differences.

Its main strength- or weakness- is a lack of a clearly-defined purpose. It mixes factual articles with fiction, thoughts and opinions, humor and meta-E2 content. E2 has (or had) its own style.

Although still being added to today, E2 is long past its heyday. Most articles were written between 1999 and 2001 and now it's more like a snapshot of the time than a living thing.

When it comes to humor and personal writing, the community is definitely more indulgent towards established users. Perhaps this is why E2 has declined from when everyone was a newbie. Unless you want to write Wikipedia-lite, who wants to bother with the politics?
Did Everything2 decline because it got too insular?
by Saul Pieman June 13, 2007

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The colloquial name for Everything2, a community-based encyclopedia website at its peak between 1999 and 2001.
"E2" is generally how users on Everything2.com refer to the website.
by Saul Pieman June 13, 2007

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