A less offensive way of pointing out that a male is extremely homosexual, i.e. very flamboyant.
Hey, check out our waiter.......he is so lemons!


When John squatted close behind you when you were lining up your putt.........I could totally tell he was lemons.
by d b August 29, 2007
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A term that discribes any type of new vehicles that needs constant repairs.
Man! I just bought this brand new car & it turns out to be a lemon!!!
by BruinKiller3469 March 23, 2009
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A man who looks like the hulk and loves the taste of chocolate milk. A large man who will smash your face and leave you with only one shoe.
An American man. Warning approach with extreme caution; white Russians and red wine recommended for close encounters.
Lemon exp. A lemon a man who is nice to be around but carries a bit of a bite
by jeorgia July 10, 2013
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in the same vein as using 'apple bottoms' to describe black girls with large asses, the term 'lemon' is used to describe an asian woman with a particularly large ass. the shape and color of lemons makes this term appropriate.

lemons are quite rare, so if you happen upon one, be sure to savor it.
oh shit! a lemon! let's follow her and casually stare at dat ass.
by shak_attack April 07, 2011
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Unlike banana, a Lemon would be an Asian that seems completely Asian in looks and character. A Banana would be "yellow outside, white inside." A lemon would be "yellow in and out."
You don't see many Lemons anymore in the States.
by David Shum January 27, 2008
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ok, primarily, its a citrus fruit (duuuuuh) but its also slang for lesbian. its a teen subculture kinda word and noone over the age of like, 25 really uses it.
josh: woah fionas lookin' hott!
jared: talk bout barking up the wrong tree *snigger*
jason: yeah! she's a right lemon!
by smelly poos July 24, 2006
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If a person is a lemon it means they ar ea lesbian
My sister is a lemon she kisses her best mate
by 2 girls February 11, 2003
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