shortened version of the Yae-o, a slang term for cocaine.
I can't relate to what you rap on stage, nigga cuz i been sellin' Yae since i was Bow-Wow's age....
by LZB November 23, 2005
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really funny, smart, pretty, fine, and can make your whole day better when your feeling down.
yall know yae? thats my buddy right there. lol.
by stupidyae November 25, 2016
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An exclamation used when exclaiming things.
by Richard December 1, 2003
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This word does not have much meaning but is oftern used in rhyming.
A yae like mic, popularised by doug e fresh and the get fresh crew, et all.
by choi November 13, 2003
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I rock your world with a yae like mic.
by kevin October 2, 2003
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A version of yes that was changed by the meme community in 2017-2018. People also use yaes when purposely butchering English grammar and pronunciations. Yaes is a popular term in the VRchat community.
*Jack gets a good grade on a test and shows it to Sam*
Sam: Wow Verry gud yaes
by Yaes_Man April 10, 2018
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Oh yaes yaes yaes!!
by Ross Pierro March 30, 2004
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