A hot ass bitch. She’s sassy, hot, a raging bitch, and superior to all women
“Oh my god did you see her earlier?”
Yeah bro, she’s as hot as leia
by L.eia17 May 02, 2021
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She’s beautiful, but she doesn’t know it. Other people tell her that she’s beautiful, but she doesn’t believe it. She’s strong and extremely smart.
If you have a leia in your life, you’re lucky af.
Who’s that?

Oh, that’s leia!

Really? Wow, she’s so beautiful.
by PandaExpressAndSprite October 23, 2020
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A Leia is a selfish thot who is an arrogant inconsiderate bitch. These "Leia's" can be found almost anywhere but mostly where ever she can get some dick or quick cash yk. Leia is typically found in tiny skirts/shorts and mini shirts showing half their tits . A Leia is an extremely manipulative "friend" she is a fake she uses you and twists everything to make her the victim , Leia can be disguised as a friend for many years hiding her true intentions ,, please avoid Leia at all costs.

Karma's a bitch leia
Person1: "who's that thot over there?"
Person2: "oh that's leia , that fake has been bulling my little sister !!!"
Person1: " of course her names Leia!! Its okay she'll get what she derseves. Karma is one hell of a bitch"
by Karmasabtch October 11, 2019
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