The act of placing your testicles in or on someone's ears
Jeff passed out at the stag party on Friday and everyone there Leia'd him senseless.
by Archdukevin February 27, 2009
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She is normally a girl with pale skin and dark hair. She likes to drink and have a good time. She gets annoyed when you bring up the past(like old boyfriends) she small with big boobs, not very smart. She flirts a lot too. Most likely to be pregent by 16. But she will always be there for you. She's a great person most of the time.
"Hey let's go get Leia she's fun the be with😉"
by Bobboy November 25, 2014
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Usually a retard that is so bad at everything. She parts her hair weird. Not athletic in any sort of way. Could use a shower. And needs MINECRAFT because she is a loser without it.
Person 1: OMG that girl is so ugly
Person 2: Her name is probably "Leia"
by Not Isabelle December 04, 2019
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Really smart with a bad smile but a sometimes big heart. She is often found in her room whining about her clicky hips. Has very bad eyebrows but she has a great personality. Don’t expect her to stick around if she becomes sick.
but I can’t walk I have an ingrown toenail

There are people out there who can’t walk at all Leia
by something anonymous February 05, 2018
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leia is the most annoying person youll ever meet. shes nice sometimes, but most of the time shes really anoying and rude. Shes not very smart, but sometimes she knows what shes doing. shes sweet when she wants to be, but like i said, shes annoying most of the time. Also, she cries alot.
omg look its leia shes so annoying
by sheamuscarterrr October 09, 2019
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The most sexy and adorable girl ever! Once you get to know her you will not be able to leave her, her personality is just amazing and she’s so kind to everyone but still don’t mess with Leia she’ll tear you apart up and down dont mess with LEIA but still she’s lovely everyone should get someone like Leia
Omg have you seen that girl over there?!
:yea uhm that’s Leia she’s like so popular and sexy
by Yeaahhhh February 17, 2020
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