basically little land mines made out of plastic that dont actually blow up
ah •••• i stepped on a lego!
by probably_not_myself January 31, 2020
Person 1: I step on Lego for years now so i put a stop to it.
Person 2: what did you do to put a stop to it?
Person 1: I made sure i had nothing to step on the Lego with
by DaSuperCoconut June 4, 2019
How Black people say "Lets Go."

The signature sound of Trey Songz in any song he is in.
Lego gets some fried chicken.
by kymasi January 16, 2011
Those little bricks you cant stop STUBBING YOUR FUCKING TOE INTO!!!
by FearOfDark February 15, 2019
Lego is a god and should be worshiped.
Lego is so cool 😎
by Alyssa_<3 August 24, 2021
It does it all! Building parts, replicas, feet killers, you name it!
by RandomLoser123 January 5, 2021
A company which makes the foot killer we love to day in 1962.
I stepped on a lego brick.
I got foot cancer after stepping on a lego brick.
by Jswildman October 30, 2017