Latin for "Select". Legos are people of enjoy free thought and do not stay bound to anyone's ideas but their own. They band together in the freedom of thought but do not always agree. Without Legos in society things slowly start to lose meaning.
Katie " I cant stand when people just accept whatever society tells them to."
Jake " Its too late for some of them, we can still be Legos."
by The unbounded thicket January 29, 2011
Lego: Someone that feels really good to hug/hold. It doesn't matter what position you guys are in as long as you're touching, everything feels right with that person. You two fit together perfectly like lego's.
Example: Ryan and Lorie are hugging each other. Lorie says to Ryan; "you feel so good I want to hold you forever". Ryan replies with, "you're just like a lego I can snap onto".
by Latina_LLC September 18, 2009
Meaning something is cool or chill.
Mason-Dude how was that movie last nigh?

Dan-Omg it was so lego.....

*How are you?
by Cheika August 25, 2009
A singular form of the noun 'Legos.' Legos are many interlocking bricks that are used to build many things, and the only limit is your imagination! Side effects of using Legos may include pain in feet, loss of Legos, Legos being eaten by small children or animals, or creations being destroyed by careless family or friends. Do not use Legos if you are drunk or have poor vision. Always pick up every single Lego you play with, as not following this safety rule may lead to side effects listed above.
Person 1 "Dude! I can't find one of my Legos!"
Person 2 "I'll help you look... I don't see - OW! Found it."
by Kitkatz77 March 23, 2016
(Verb) to lego: to put something together
Randy: "Bro, I just got the last box of parts in today, you know? For the bike I told you about"

Marlon: "Really? Awesome! So now that you have all the parts, are you going to put that thing together yourself?"

Randy: "For sure, I'm gonna lego it tonight"
by two9seven December 16, 2010
Those annoying plasic blocks that little brothers leave on the ground for you to step on.
In the middle of the night: Dammit! I told him to clean those stupid Legos up!
by SmexyChick February 6, 2010
to lego or lego up refers to anal sex,most commonly gay butt sex. Derives from interlocking qualities of lego blocks.
Brandyn is so hot, I'd lego with that fine man.

whatever tommy, I'm tired of your fagspeak.
by Lemur pie July 15, 2008