The 2011 SRC is legendary and therefore flogged the inferior 2012 SRC try hards.
by god 1001 October 13, 2011
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A word used to describe the intensity/awesomeness of something.
Dude 1: How did you last night go?
Dude 2: Fucking great man, had sex with the girl, my orgasm was LEGENDARY!!
Dude 1: Moist.
by mcdiesel July 16, 2009
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Death by monster cock penetration! A sort of blowjob, but the cock actually penetrates your brain and comes out through the back of the head. It's origins can be traced back to year 2008, in a class of retarded ass fucks where 2 people with a sick, perverted and dysfunctional mentality shine above the average cocksuckers. They are the masterminds behind this act!
I will give you Legendary!

Although, it is an action, legendary is to be given!

by sickassfuck January 29, 2009
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A term reffering to an outing in which youths consume alcohol and get drunk. It also has a pose which is very similar to that of usain bolt.
see also - quality
bludd we be hitting up dah legendary tonitee you in?
by legendizzle July 21, 2009
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Intensifier added to any word to take it's meaning to its highest power imaginable.
Win: Legendary win

Fail: Legendary fail

Kill: Legendary kill

Awesomeness: Legendary awesomeness

The Dude: The Legendary Dude

Dog's balls: Legendary Dog's balls

Weed: Legendary weed

pwned: Legendary pwned

Sex: Lengendary sex

Get it?
by Tenacious Faulker April 01, 2009
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What adult film star Ron Jeremy and maybe Godzilla possesses. You'll see Will Ferrell use it in a movie sometime in the next two years.
Ron Jeremy's legendariness was too much for a woman, she filed a complaint.
by mrxsternface April 03, 2007
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