1. paper or documents from a legendary or famous person.

2. paper or documents you wrote for a really long time and it's awesome.

3. a really good drawing that you put all of your life into and it took forever.

4. a book or short story you read that took a long time and has an extraordinary storyline and ending.
1. I just saw the Legendary Paper Julius Caesar wrote.

2. finally i am done with my term Legendary Paper.

3. I am finally done with my Legendary Paper samurai drawing!!!!!!!!

4. I'm done with harry potter 2 it is a Legendary Paper
by dancinboy49 May 21, 2010
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A thot that wears leggings and sticks her ass out for no reason
Oh shit is that a legendary crossbow
by DAA1410 September 18, 2019
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1. The most amazing thing you can imagine to the power of infinity
2. The only one that can kill chuck norris
"Legendary Lozano just defeated Chuck norris in china"
"WHAT!?!!!11one NO WAY!"
by Legendary Lozano December 05, 2008
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Coming from the old language of Stinson, Legendary Love is a word that means greater than common love for the person who wants to be better than all them common bitches. Currently only two people have Legendary Love, and it looks like it’ll be that way for a long time.
Person A) You see Kiana and Stephen?
Person B)Yeah they are in love
Person A)Nah what they have is Legendary Love
by Legen wait for it dary November 17, 2018
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on a scale of 1 to legendary (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-EPIC-legendary), baker's legendary is above all
i dont need an example for baker's legendary it's self explanatory...dumbasses...
by dwyqxz January 22, 2009
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To fail so badly that your fuck up is now a standard for fuck ups around the world
Tim: OMFG i just blew up my car with a bottle rocket, which destroyed the gas station near my house! Now the cops are after me! Oh shit what should i dooo???

Sarcasticmaster: LEGENDARY FAIL
by HachiVII July 02, 2007
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Gender-less creatures that cannot breed with dittos. Awesome power, but can't damn breed. Probably virgins but some have a certain gender. Humans capture them into small capsules for fun and then use them for battle and nearly kill them over and over just for their entertainment.
Kid: I have every Legendary Pokemons ever made!

Kid 2: Hacker dick.
by mystareeh May 09, 2011
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