Gay or gayeee
Bisexual mostly bull dike!
Tell your homie she better quit, I don't swing left handed!
by MeMonchie March 12, 2021
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A cool gang hand sign Dr Dara O' Hogan taught his physics class in oaks park high school, used to refer to the good old days when Dr O' Hogan used to teach physics (he was a good guy but he couldn't teach to save his life (nobody learnt anything))
Ay yo waagwan famz, #ripdrohogansjobatoaks *does Faraday's left hand rule*
by KaboobaLEES September 29, 2017
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left handed = 20k pp
left handed = #1 & #2
left handed = respect+
Guy 1: Hey, bro, you left handed?
Guy 2: Naw.
Guy 1: Damn, you must really suck at osu! don't you?
by /bobby/ September 9, 2020
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You may only use the left Hand to get it
After NNN I used the left hand to totally get it cause it’s left handed 1 December
by 1december🖐 November 27, 2019
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A good friend who will stop at nothing until you are satisfied. This friend will rip through the earth and sun to make sure are happy and contempt. They will also gladly pleasure you if you so require. Do not mistake this as them having sexual desires towards you, they simply a really good friend. You're lucky if you inquire a left-handed bitch since they are the best friend you can ask for.

You mustn't mistreat your left-handed bitch as they can become very angry, very quickly. Keep them away from any sharp objects, or the internet and you will be safe.
Wow Felix, thanks for this birthday party, you're the best left-handed bitch I could ask for.
by Robby62775 May 19, 2019
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When one gives a hand job with one's non-dominant hand.
I had the aisle seat across from a nun so I tried to be discreet while giving him a left-handed can opener.
by BillyCostigan January 25, 2021
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A comment made with the intent of being condesinding or a smart ass.
did you hear her make that Left Handed Comment like you didnt have a clue: "This is BS, I hope you know that!"
by BSpatrole November 8, 2013
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