A county in north central Florida, between the cities of Ocala and Orlando. Population is 62,000 and increasing rapidly as an enormous retirement community for retirees known as “The Villages” is quickly overtaking almost the entire northeastern segment of the county. Sumter County has two major towns: Bushnell to the south, the county seat, and Wildwood to the north. Large amount of black people occupy the north end of the county while illegal Mexican immigrants occupy the south. Tension and rivalry between “North-enders” and “South-enders” is common. Sumter County, Florida, has a high STD, teenage and out-of-wedlock pregnancy rates and poverty rate. The average age that females get married in Sumter is around 19 ½ years, whereas the national rate is 25 ½ and rising; it should also be noted that this county in question has one of the highest divorce rates in the state of Florida. Many residents of Sumter County are “churchy” but are far from Christian; they only go to church because of long family ties and such hypocrisy is evident in the lives of their children, particularly the daughters. Single young men need not live or even visit Sumter County; there is an overabundance of them already there, growing old, bitter and confused over the lack of elibigle women.

Welcome to Sumter County, Florida, home to thousands of old Yankees and even more white and black trash.
by RyanT. February 06, 2006
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a pretty trailer trashy place, except for the villages, but the villages creep most people out.
q:wat do a sumter county fire, sumter county tornado, and a sumter county divorce all have in common?

a:somebody's going to lose a trailer.
by holly the ginger kid. May 19, 2007
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