A bubbly and outgoing person who is headstrong and has unique ideas.
They are very creative and fun to be around.
S:"Hey Leen."
L:"So, How's the ark?"
by SopNibanofi May 29, 2022
A person that always loves being loud and reads flyguy to you at lunch break
wow shes reading fly guy

wow shes a leen
by sussssy April 30, 2019
best person in the world sweet,sexy,cute,hot,strong,funny,best personality and sense of humor the best friend you could ever ask for and obsessed w vinnie hacker no1 vhacker fan ong
by lynnsfanxoxo November 24, 2021
an amazing girl who loves food and has very quick replies she often stays up late and sleeps in she's the most amazing bestie ever
Girl 1: yk leen??
by litterallyslayed June 13, 2022
leen al-Amro is the most sociable Jordanian girl you will ever see she is so nice to the point you will have a crush on her
person A : omg she's so pretty

person B:yea she is so leen al-amro material
by May 29, 2022
someone who is a FOB and doesnt know much english and is fun to be around because theyre accent is hilarious.
bro wheres that homie Leen i wanna make fun of their accent
by kindaUrDad May 22, 2019
Leen al salem is a word that can be used to name a amazing, iconic and a cool girl. -MN
person 1:omg ur such a leen al salem
person 2: oh my gosh reallly thank you!
by yourbestieMN November 3, 2020