Leen al salem is a word that can be used to name a amazing, iconic and a cool girl. -MN
person 1:omg ur such a leen al salem
person 2: oh my gosh reallly thank you!
by yourbestieMN November 3, 2020
she sucks honestly, like leen go d1e lmao, jkjk she is the loml and she is so so hot like ra1l me already lol :) she is the funniest and she cares for the people she loves even if she does not show it. leen best girl.
is that leen tarawneh? i heard great things about her!
by lmaoitsasecret July 20, 2021
Mari leen is the sweetest and most understanding girl you will ever meet. If you want a kind and considerate friend mari leen is your pic
by You are nice October 15, 2019
Leen tg is a wonderful girl her smile lights up the room and makes everyone happy . She’s the center of attention everyone around her loves her she’s one gentle , respectful , and amazing girl . She’s so sweet and nice to everyone she can never hurt anyone around her her laugh is like music to your ear , her beauty is unbearable you’ll never see anyone like her she’s the women of your dreams she’s the one you’ve always wanted
Leen tg is amazing and so special to everyone around her
by 3alem January 18, 2021