A really nice and gorgeous girl and she’s the sweetest person ever😋
by Mysterious😏 December 30, 2021
promethazine and codeine. can be drunk or put into a blunt and smoked with marijuana.
Dwayne: Ay yu got that leen?

DeAngelo: yea loc.

Dwayne: lets go chief then.
by LocDogEveryDay December 5, 2009
"leene" is a term some young guys prefereably use in place of "girlfriend".
snoop: "hey x! i heard lucy left you for another guy".

x: "that's right snoop, but i managed to get a new leene yesternight".
by $noopdeville September 21, 2006
the word to describe a girl who keeps falling for a jerk
she has the leen trait.
by naabdbea October 27, 2020
To insert a tampon into the anus, either by mistake or dirty joke
After I broke both my arms, I asked my closest girlfriend to help me insert a tampon, and she tampon-leened me instead! She is definitely not invited to my sweet 16 birthday party...
by Playerhateroftheyear March 21, 2011
A young, bohemian female with intelligence and hip clothing taste.
Lots of boheme-a-leens in Greenwich Village. Not too many in Buffalo.
by Teddu August 6, 2003