beauty, queen, dancer, sexy, smart, stuning, makes you want to take your clothes off, Irbid..The owner of the most beautiful eyes anyone can ever have a true quality lady with a stunning body she is not only the queen of Syria/Canada but also the queen of humanity her powerful personality is rare, shes soft and delicate but is very good at being hard and strong, rarely shows her true feelings. every mans dream come true, but only one will have her attracts both sexes a gift from god to humanity. Her laugh makes your world rock, her smile melts you... Leen Leen Leeeen
Boy: So describe your bsf
Bsf: oooo she is so leen
wow Iโ€™m so surprised u donโ€™t know leen SHE IS THE BEST FRIEND U COULD EVER GET IN UR WHOLE LIFE SHE EVEN GIVES U DHC IF U CALL HER MOMMY ok this one was a lie she isnโ€™t a creep sorry anyways yea she is a very good friend with a korblox which is easy to get her raid u w it so becareful bud
Oh hey leen!
Leen: oh hi

Wanna be friends?
Leen: sure
*few weeks later*
best friends.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
by Lenz<3 May 20, 2022
A girl who is obsessed with the same fuckboy who only wants her for sex, and doesn't want her friendship. She does all his homework, and has only hung out with him twice, but thinks they are best friends.
"OMG I love him so much."

"Stop being such a Leen."
by Alan6372836 May 1, 2015
Leen is my best friend,i knew her since i was born and she is my very very close friend! and her sister,haneen is also my best friend! I am so happy we're friends :)
Leen reply to my message
by mara_m November 5, 2020
A very annoying person, you can't live without mainly for that reason.
She can be mean or rude sometimes but she's a great friend.
Leen: u remember that ( this certain someone) is coming today
Someone: Y did u remind me ????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Thisismyrealname... January 13, 2019
a very smart and pretty girl that well have the most beautiful eyes you'll get lost will be so lucky for her to have a crush on.she will help you and is such an amazing friend.she is the best friend you could ever have. if you leave her, she will make things look alright but really isn't. her heart is bright
omg you being such a leen
by urbancutie123456789 March 4, 2019