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haneen is a wonderful person , one of a kind , u will never meet a haneen u will not love , she is beautiful , elegant , intelligent , funny , very persuasive and annoying in a very lovable way . she makes u realize what a great life u have , and makes you thank god every single day of your life , that you have met such a person , she is the brightest candle , in a sea of darkness , will always light the way for you and make sure you are safe and sound . a guardian angel . a haneen usually loves the colour blue , the script , agatha christy , chocolate cakes and collects idioms . great browny eyes which can stop time . a girl that makes perfection sound easy . by the way , haneen is a beautiful arabic name which means longing for .
haneen just lit up the room with her beauty
by TheWillOfHearts November 14, 2011
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A smart girl. Beautiful and always loves fashion. She has the skills of music. She dances. She always gets her way. Someone who always gets their way. Someone who is stubborn and hardworking. Gets overly excited at times. Is a blast to be around. usually the party girl! If you know a Haneen, you are one lucky person!

Trustworthy, honest, and speaks her mind.
Smart Haneen Dancing singing Beautiful queen
by S9I87so December 01, 2010
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The ability to rap well. Unnatural talent in the art of rapping.
by Twinkie February 10, 2005
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Biggest thot known to the universe, hopped on Mustafa's dick and now wants Wares'. She's nice-ish I guess
She'd fuck Harry Potter if she could.
Friend: Who's Haneen?
Me: Irrelevant hoe over there.
by The oreo bitch January 10, 2019
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