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The narcotic drug dihydrocodeine, a codeine derivative invented in Germany in 1911 and used in cough-suppressants and mid-range painkillers such as Paracodin, Codicontin, Didor, Codidol, Synalgos and Panlor. Used as the tartrate, bitartrate, hydroiodide, methyliodide, phosphate, or hydrochloride salt, it is about 1½ times stronger than codeine on a freebase-equivalent basis.
Nobody doesn't like DHC
by anon September 27, 2004
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A D.H.C. is an acronym for "domesticated house cat". It is used to classify a once man-lion who is now tamed by his girlfriend".
Ever since he got a girlfriend, he's been such a D.H.C.
by Mike Scenery April 05, 2010
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D.H.C. or Dirty Hippy Chick in long form, are primarily found on message boards that prophesize about the end of the world coming in 2012. At first meet they encourage you to think of them as spiritual guiders. They find all their wisdoms in the stars, and don't need any factual evidence to get 100% behind a cause. They are often found with 9/11 truthers and Ron Paul sympathizers. Their rightful birth mark comes in shape of herpes.
Hey! That D.H.C. stole my friend's copy of the first season of Arrested Development.

After an hour of her talking about government conspiracies and Mayan calendars I knew I had a D.H.C. on my hands.

No way am I gotta hit that, she's a D.H.C., a herpes string carrier.
by Gentlemanlyscholarofdoom January 18, 2009
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DHC is an acronym for Dead Hooker Capacity. Typically it refers to vehicles, specifically the trunk or other rear storage area.
"Oh, you got a new car, huh? How's the DHC?"

"Oh, there's plenty of DHC. The trunk is HUGE!"
by hotelmode May 18, 2010
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double handjob club-this was started by 714 bros named Zachary Chiri and Jose Revilla..these two guys got a double handjob by C#$^&*!?...she used her left hand on zachary and her right hand on jose
Z:dude we got new DHC members?
J:fuck yeh man they are all coming to the meeting on wednesday
Z:we will both be coming xD
by jcrevilla May 30, 2009
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acronym for drunkenhussycult.
Girls who become sluts when intoxicated.
Time for some dhc action tonight, girls!
by dhcgirl October 06, 2006
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( DIRTY HOE CREW)... the most amazing group of people ever! everyone knows and secretly envies DHC muahahaha
-yo is that DHC over there?
-best believe thats them look at them oh they so flyyy
by sexysexymoose July 27, 2010
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