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A girl with a great personality. She will always be there when you need her. She is the most trustworthy person you'll ever meet. She is beautiful in every way and if you ever meet her you would feel blessed.
"Leehe is so sweet and nice!"
"Yeah and she's so hot"
by Iminlovewithdacoco December 04, 2018
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A girl who thinks shes beautiful. But she could be okay-ish with a little work.... Also a sexy mamma...if some tanning oil is applied. aka SEXY BEAST, she is also very social and sometimes slutty, and has a hard time getting a guy, sometimes doesn't believe in love and like to enjoy time with her friends.
"That girl Leehe, shes okay. if she lost her blub, shed be my megan fox."
by jfdnvbjkwesd December 30, 2009
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