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Taxation is theft. FBG!

by LVW December 17, 2019
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When annoying couples suck face in the hallways during passing period, appearing to cling to each other's lips while walking away as if trying to remove a leech.
Stop leeching in the hallways and get to class!
by LVW January 1, 2019
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A movie in which the soda & popcorn are better than the actual film.
Mary Poppins Returns was a real soda & popcorn movie; the best part of it was the soda and popcorn!
by LVW January 1, 2019
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When a British girl gives you a blowjob --- she sucks your sausage and beans (cock and balls).
"That burd Moira gave me an English breakfast"
"She made you breakfast in bed?"
"No, ya wanker! She sucked my willy!"
by LVW October 6, 2019
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