An individual who is ashamed of his/her sincere and intense fascination with folksy music, statistics, and Cajun food.

Usually found in the woods of the Deep South in the United States. This individual has a hard time living in "polite" society.

Can be identified by their abundant use of camouflage garments, matted facial hair, and pictures of miniature Yorkshire terriers taped to their biceps (underneath their camouflage long johns).
"David, John, and I were camping in the woods when we came across a Leavitt. Dude - we couldn't get out of there quick enough!"

"Is that guy gutting a deer on campus?! He is such a Leavitt!"
by Pvt.Tabasco February 5, 2014
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a rock climbing technique for climbing wides cracks (4 inches to 8 inches wide, aka "off-widths") developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's by climbers Randy Leavitt and Tony Yaniro.
The rock climber used leavittation to negotiate the off-width crack.
by rock climber February 5, 2010
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The disease that anyone with the last name Leavitt is prone to leaving the milk out when eating a bowl of cereal and letting the milk become warm and develops a condensation coat rather than putting the milk back in the fridge.
Gary always leaves the milk out, I think he has Leavittitis
by Randy Leavitt May 17, 2020
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1. The act of using incredibly poor judgement and trying to be humorous too soon to a tragic event. Typically a long-term symptom of poor parenting resulting in a total lack of common sense and dignity.

2. The use of self-indulgent dark humor via social media in a desperate attempt to draw attention to your miserable existence.
Person A: Did you hear about that bombing at the Ariana Grande concert? How terrible.
Person B: Yeah, that dude really wanted to nail her, didn't he?
Person A: Dude, stop it. That is some serious Leavittation you got going on.
by Jose Frijoles May 23, 2017
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