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A person, usually a child or teenager, who spots exotic cars and will willingly jump infront of a moving vehicle to get a successful picture.
"God damn leapers always getting in the way of everything!"
by Leapernation March 1, 2016
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A person who was born on February 29th also known as Leap Day
Day: When’s your brithday?

Eli: February 29th, I’m a leaper

Day: That’s really cool! So how old are you then?

Eli: My birthday comes every 4 years so I’m 6 years old lol.
by Deathcabforeli December 27, 2018
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Someone who appears fully clothed by wearing a shirt and hiding under a desk, only to leap up and beat off at their chat roulette partner.
I saw a real leaper today. He was wearing a flannel shirt, and suddenly jumped up and wanked in my face.
by Steve 6000 April 10, 2010
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Leaper is the term used to describe the non-canon ship of Leah Clearwater and Jasper Hale from the Twilight fandom. It is a portmanteaux of 'Leah' and 'Jasper'.
Pippo: Omg, I read this fanfic the other day that shipped Leah with Jasper -
Fippo: Jasper?!
Pippo: I know, I know - it's random, BUT it's really intense. They would make such a good couple. Leaper is my new OTP.
by Rina Lam October 10, 2011
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A devoted fan of the science fiction television show Quantum Leap.
Jon is a big Leaper.
by Tom E. Pinkerton November 19, 2002
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A person who commits suicide by jumping from a great height. Mostly used by cops, EMS personnel and crime reporters.
The leaper had jumped from the 23rd floor of the Hyatt Regency's atrium, landing on the piano bar.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
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Arch. (early hippie): A mild amphetamine pill, usually pink, heart-shaped Dexadrine tablets.
Jasper had been eating leapers for three days to cram for his mid-terms.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
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