7 definitions by Deathcabforeli

Another way to reply when someone states the ovbious.
Nick: Wow! Russel Westbrook got another triple double!

Jamie: Water is wet.

Nick: True, True.
by Deathcabforeli April 3, 2018
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A person who was born on February 29th also known as Leap Day
Day: When’s your brithday?

Eli: February 29th, I’m a leaper

Day: That’s really cool! So how old are you then?

Eli: My birthday comes every 4 years so I’m 6 years old lol.
by Deathcabforeli December 27, 2018
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Another way of calling someone ugly by saying that they’re not very good looking but they’re nice and have a good personality.
Ashley: what do you think of Jack?

Sophie: He’s alright looking, he has a good personality though.

Ashley: he has a winning personality
by Deathcabforeli August 23, 2021
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A Rolls-Royce Defender is a central defender with a commanding presence and effortless physical dominance. This player wins tackles and out-wrestles his opponents and makes defending look easy, pretty much the definition of Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk.
Paul: Did you see Van Dijk’s performance against United?

Chris: He was untouchable, he’s a Rolls-Royce defender, the best in the world.
by Deathcabforeli August 29, 2021
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A term used for a football club during their downfall/banter era or when they have an embarrassing result, It's mainly used as another name for Arsenal FC
John: Did you watch the Arsenal game?

Harry: Yup, lost 1-0 to a bunch of Belarus farmers in the Europa League.

John: what a joke, they are banter fc the gift that keeps giving.
by Deathcabforeli February 15, 2019
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A phrase men/women say after asking someone on a date and that person agrees to go out with then.

It’s mainly used after the person who asked tells them what they’re doing.
Jim: Pam! Umm are you free for dinner tonight?

Pam: Yes!

Jim: Alright, then it’s a date!
by Deathcabforeli November 19, 2018
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Another way of saying really? when someone tells you something crazy or dumb that happened.
Tom: Dude I almost died last night!

James: Actually?!
by Deathcabforeli May 5, 2019
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