An awesome Heavy-Metal Band that plays in StrongBadia from time to time. Famous for "Moving very Slowly" which is featured on the Strong Bad Sings CD just recently released among other things. Has toured with limozeen once.
Moving very slowly, very slowly.
Slower and slower and slower and -slower and slower and slower.
by Jack Smith November 26, 2003
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Scandinavian death metal band in which their name is derived from the sbemail "band Names." They only known songs they have are "Moving Very Slowly" and "The Decoupage." "Moving Very Slowly" is presented on Strong Bad's CD "Strong Bad Sings and Other type Hits". Strong Bad is a big fan of them.
"Acid...rains from the 'bove!'
-Taranchula, "Moving Very Slowly"
by Robert "Bob" Frank March 12, 2006
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A girl with hairy nipples that resemble the legs of a taranchula.
That girl I hooked up with last night turned out to be a taranchula.
by Catfish_Poboy March 26, 2008
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1. The sativa relative that gives you the best high physically achieveable; while the indica variety more or less paralyzes you, not in a bad way..., this sativa posses psychedelic qualities at 1/4 gram by me own personal experience.
2. The bombest weed possible in any universe; aye by landeth or sea-eth, or north-eth or south-eth... im talkin everywhere!!!!!
3. The highest grade medical marijuana possible and in some states where medical is legal Purple Tarancula is illegall because of it's THC content.
(1)"yo man you smoke weed?"
(2)"yeah man why you got nuggets?"
(1)"yeah man I got purple taranchula"
(2)"Never heard of it."
(1)".... Nevermind man.. guess you dont know whats good.. peaceee.."
by Slavis0989 May 1, 2010
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