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To have Sex. To produce cookies. See orgasm.
The proper way to bake a cookie is to preheat the oven before sticking in the dough.
by Akasha January 20, 2005

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hmmmm...sexy,very creative,best songwriter ever,best voice ever,best looking guy ever
ville valo:an amazing person!!
keep on rockin
by akasha September 14, 2004

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1. The Sanskrit word meaning space or sky. (circa who knows? forever?)

2. The Force. The Fifth Element. The memory of god. Spirit: the human spirit and soul. All-encompassing spirit and energy of the Goddess and God. A religious(hinduism) idea from the middle east or east middle or somewhere around there. A fluffy new age concept. (circa ...a long long time ago.)

3. The 'Mother of all Vampires' who became a vampire through some stupid spirit entering through a stupid piercing. (circa 4011 BC, but actually, Anne Rice didn't publish her damned queeny book 'til 1988)

4. A girl's name. (circa 1984)

5. Aaliyah, who died shortly there after, sadly. (circa 2001)
1. What a clear akasha we have today.

2. Use The Akasha, Luke.

3. Among the most noted of Akasha's superior vampire traits were her ability to have kinky vampire sex, walk in the sun, and kill everyone.

4. Akasha, you're a convoluted monkey foof.

5. Aaliyah was a sucky-suck choice for the role of Akasha.
by Akasha January 20, 2005

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The perfect Horror Book and movie ever written and made. The only fault with the movie is that i ahte Tom Cruise as Lestat even though he plays the role perfectly . Other than that minor problem the movie is brilliant and very well made. Brad Pitt is lush as Louie.
"What do the damned really have to say to the damned"
by Akasha January 10, 2004

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he is heaven and hell in one person!!
there is no creature on earth who has a more beautiful voice or a more mysterious appearance!!
he has the perfection of a vampire!
Ville Valo is the immortal god of love metal
by akasha August 26, 2004

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start townsend is a beautiful actor!!he got famous with the movie queen of the damned!!he plays the part of lestat de lioncourt
there comes a time for every vampire....when the idea of eternity becomes momentarily...unbearible...living in the shadows....feeding in the darkness..with only your own company to keep.........
anne rice rocks
by akasha November 01, 2004

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hehe...he´s the thin guitar player of HIM!!one of the best in my eyes!!
also a good singer..hehe!
hellz...what a thin body.....and what a fuckin´powerful voice!!
keep on rockin´!
by akasha August 31, 2004

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