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One of the most devistatingly awesome people you will ever meet. Loves to laugh and have a good time, but has a good head on her shoulders.
Lyss is my best friend. =
by A.J.D222 October 12, 2008
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The nickname for a very special girl named Alyssa. Lyss is the quintessential symbol of perfection in human form, and is God's gift to the state of Georgia. In order for someone to achieve the status of Lyss, they must be physically flawless, putting any other girl to shame by comparison however this person's looks must come second only to that person's personality, which is beyond perfect. You must be gorgeous, with blue eyes that are capable of melting the coldest hearts paired with amazing intellect, humor, and hospitality, along with nice legs of course ;)
Synonyms for Lyss would include: Babe, Baby, Beautiful, and baby girl
by Clemens Woolysocks May 31, 2016
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