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A word used to mention lawyers by people with a inferior intellect.
My 5 lawers will be in contact
by jo-oui June 4, 2020
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The word used when people can't fucking spell "lawyer"
"Hey I want to be a lawer"

"Are you- it's lawyer"

by SomeDumbassRussian July 19, 2020
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When observed in their nateral habitat the Lawerence is found to lack skills that would be found in otherwise normal subjects. The Lawerence pretends to be tough and worldly but the study of the Lawerence shows his attatchment to parental units and siblings, unable to "Adult" like normal subjects the Lawerence has low self worth and is codependent on others.
"play a game called keep the flame, this game insists of shoving a lit candle up the anus and pulling it out again with the flame still alive, to do this u have to have a loose asshole"

"Sounds like a game for Lawerence "
by Randybobany January 29, 2017
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one of the best people in the world. loves to eat cows. is a gangster in their own mind. likes cheese.and is one of the biggest rednecks you will ever meat and loves the south.
i wish i was like Lawerence. he is so cool
by bill d June 23, 2008
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To fall gracefully up a flight of stairs in front of a large audience
"Hey did you see that girl Jennifer Lawerenceing the other day?"
by Elle Adams April 8, 2015
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The best celeberty ever. Starring in the Hunger games triology she is friggin amazing. If you don't know who she is you probably live under a rock. She constantly looks for the pizza. If you hate here go crawl in a hole and die
When I ate pizza I thought of Jennifer Lawerence.
by Hunger Games Lover May 27, 2014
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Being a loud, obnoxious person who swears to get their point through the conversation. Basically to win the conversation, they talk loud and swear at the same just to prove their point.
Ted was being a Connor Lawerence when he was trying to get his point through that the new 49ers stadium had a funny name.
by hamadz May 8, 2013
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