Is a person who likes to play hard and work hard. She's a bit of a hoe but she makes up for it with model bodey and sexy style. Don't even try to date this girl because there is only one boy for her - Leonardo DiCaprio, will she ever marry him?

However if you want to get close to this godess try to strike up convo about her favorite show- Friends or her favorite band Abba or favorite person Freddie Mercury (that she named her cat after).

E Laurent likes muscular bois with neck tattoos although she claims to like "cute boys". She is involve with someone in her parallel class but unfortunately he has a lot of other hoes too (and bros).
Is that E Laurent?
- No she probs still be at that lit parteyy with them Djursholm 00 bois
by Horsegirl1337 November 13, 2020
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She is a beautiful girl, she is a great bestie, she loves animals, Laurent is really loyal to love ❤️. Laurent is nice girl that loves dancing, her favorite color is red and more colors 🎨 she loves art, she has the best advice to give to both genders, she is taken and well wait till married her boyfriend 💍❤️
Laurent is a great best friend, she loves helping people with homework, she is so in love ❤️ with her bf. I want to be this .Laurent means beautiful , outspoken, and responsible.
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by Laurentakenforlife September 21, 2020
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Laurent is a Guy who's very energetic , generous talented and sensual.

He's also a fuckboy and he will steal all your girfriends or ur wifey he don't care about what people think about him . He love to make people around him happy. He inspire people so much because ohh he so brave ! If you got a laurent in your life Keep it he very cool even if he's a bad ass
-Heyy I see a man today he was so arrogant but got an beautiful smile tho !
- It must be a Laurent
- loll I think you'te right !
by Dayensha January 07, 2018
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