Lauderdale is a small town close to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It is nice but according to research there is something in the water that makes the people of the town dingy as f. Besides the odd people of this town it is world famous for its dog park and hockey rink, so just remember if you come bring your own water
What’s the matter with Seth?something seems off with him

nothing he’s just from lauderdale!
by Athleticd88 July 9, 2018
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Hood where zack Grew up place in fortlauderdale slums where you can always get good weed for a good price.
Yo im headed to northlauderdale to get me som erb
by Kristina October 23, 2004
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Pretty much Miami's close cousin, except Ft Lauderdale is cleaner and less crazy. If you want to relax on a cleaner beach, go to Ft. Lauderdale. But if you want a party zone, go to Miami.
Ft. Lauderdale is easily one of the best cities in Florida.
by Kyle February 20, 2005
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Place known for mis-shapen tits
The pic above if you couldn't tell. "ft. lauderdale is the home of mis-shappen tits"
by Jamiexyz2 August 3, 2007
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city about 30 min north of miami. not a white community as previously stated.. its a mixture !
many different parts to ft. lauderdale..
you: hey what part of fort lauderdale do you live in?

me: Coral Springs, you?.

you: oh, i just moved from Pompano to Sunrise, now i can go to Sawgrass all the time.

me: cool, i'm stuck at Coral Square :(
by Vanessa babii February 24, 2009
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The Largest city in Broward County, Florida and a major center for commerce. like any other major city, it has crime and bad enighborhoods but still a lovely city on the beach, i recommend visiting Las Olas if ever in Ft. Lauderdale
by 954fineST. June 13, 2009
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