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Beautiful caring young lady, who really loves God. Is a beautiful person inside and out, has a very sincer discreet way of showing she cares for you. Lashonda loves to laugh. You don't want to risk loosing her she is somewhat a waterfall in a dessert, so she is someone who can definitely be there to give u that needed word of encouragement during the most trying times.
Lashonda is nice.
by Bt July 06, 2012
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A beautiful young girl, usually pinned as an outcast because she lives contrary to popular beliefs. One who struggles with an eternal fight daily, but enjoys the war. Who has a promising future ahead of her. ; Unique female ; A female with that *IT* factor, she just has something no one can put their finger on.
The girl walked passed me with such a stunning ambiance, she walked with a certain regal manner, and I could tell she has extreme respect for herself.
Me: Excuse me miss? She turned.
Girl: Yes
Me: Sorry to bother you but I noticed you walking pass and I had to ask you . . what is your name?
Girl: Oh me my name is LaShonda.
No other name could sound so sweet.


Guy1:hey Jack, you see that girl she is so stunning?!
Guy2: Oh yeah I definitely see that LaShonda over there! Wow she is so uniquely, beautiful and mysterious.
by LSMickens February 01, 2009
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a girl who thinks she is da shit,but ain't
Lashonda u need to stop trippin' u ain't da shit
by Angel December 06, 2003
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One seriously ghetto first name for a black female, and very common to boot, though the one that usually rises to the top is Shaniqua. Lashonda has all the required ingredients in constructing a black female's name: (1) the "La" up front, (2) the "anda/onda" at the end, and (3) a "sh" sound somewhere in there. Often sassier, louder, and more annoying than black girls who have "normal" names.
"You can go to a fast food joint and get decent service from the white girls. Then, when they start hiring Lashondas, those chicks will throw some attitude your way, mess up your order, and might not even give you back the correct change."
by highlyopinionated May 13, 2013
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