A word originating in Greenlawn NY in September 2009. Used in various social gatherings for multiple purposes:
1.To break tension
2.Create fear
3.Create or end awkward silences
4.Create confusion
5.Induce laughter

LAR can be used in place of almost every word, including the F word.
LAR can have positive and negative connotations.
LAR has no plural (like moose or sheep).
LAR can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.

(LARing is an example of LAR as a verb)
In special usages the L can be dropped to aid in assimilation.
Due to LAR's easily placed usage, it can be merged into everyday words.

Here are some commonly used examples:

hello --> helLAR
yeah --> yAR
uh-huh --> uh-hAR
blah --> bLAR
telescope --> teLARscope

There are literally countless other applications that anyone and everyone can make of LAR.

With a little bit of practice, one can generate some pretty funny and silly sounding words and statements that will create or break the ice in any social situation. Everyone is highly encouraged to enjoy the usage of LAR.
by legitz1 February 01, 2010
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someone who acts like a Hedlar or who partakes in activities such as; assholenes, fagotry, douchbagery, licking of your lips, and balding.
Bill: You are so annoying you're acting like a fucking Lars
Jon: wow you didn't have to go that far
by Zaltan Ibrahimovic December 14, 2013
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One of the many words that Cantonese speakers use at the end of sentences in their every-day conversations. Pronounced as "la", but there are many users that spell it as "lar" to let the end-receiver know that the user has typed a Cantonese word, not English, nor the "la" in the French language or Singaporean slang.

Same meaning as la, but just spelt differently.
Person A: "I just got off work ja."
Person B: "Waa. Why so late ah? I've already gone home lar."
by yesimafob May 07, 2006
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The act of smoking marijuana. Originated in Davie, Florida.

Created from a single quote from the movie Heavy Weights. While sparking a blunt somebody quoted Tony Perkis, "Do it to it Lars"
You wanna Lars?

Daw, you Lars'd?

Daw, that blunt gt me so Lars'd.
by ballz_warm April 05, 2009
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(ancient; Latin) Lars,(Lartis), an Etruscan name. Also a Lar was the spirit of a particular place or thing in the Roman animistic system.

Probably the derivation of the modern name 'Larry'
Lars was an Etruscan warrior.

The Lar of their house is angry, we will appease it with an offering.
by Illuminaticus July 10, 2008
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A fairly decent drummer, attacked for wanting to make money by those jealous of his success.
Lars earns more than me, I should be able to steal from him!
by Moron June 04, 2003
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