something done merely out of enjoyment or appreciation of the activity.
A: are you building another model? you only need one!
B: yeah, i'm doing this one just for larks.
by cdw982 April 27, 2004
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When one says they will be in a certain place at a certain time and then are (a) very late leaving you there on your own for ages or (b) text you saying they will be there soon leaving you there on your own for ages or (c) text you saying they wont be out at all after you have been there on your own for ages.
"Dude! he said he would meet me here at 8, its half nine now and I just got a text to say he's not comming, he's too tired".
"Nice, you got Larked"
by the doz November 27, 2008
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1)to play or frolick cheerfully
2)a type of bird that flies
3)kral spelled backwards
1)Today, while i was larking about cheerfully, i came across and aardvark.
2)Drat!I hit that lark also known as a brid that flies with my car.
3)Joey was not given credit on the spelling test when he wrote kral even though it is the same thing as a lark.
by teddy l. May 29, 2006
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To be in an unsober state of mind, and walk aimlessly looking to interact with any and every person in sight. To lose track of the friends you were originally with and find new ones.
"we've had a few beers tonight, have you seen skyler? nope not for a while, hes out larking, probably wont show up for a while, if ever."
by johnono September 18, 2011
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v - to get sassed by somebody in regards to how you are handling your business, in a manner via "tough love" or for the betterment of the other person.
"I got larked by my trainer for eating that extra cupcake." "We need to larke her for dating that doushebag."
by 5influx January 27, 2013
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(1)noun: A North American bird that is known for its singing voice
(2)noun: The rocket-launcher based weapon in the video game, Resistance: Fall of Man
(3)verb: To frolic or play in a boisterous manner
(4)verb: (no specified meaning or restriction)
(5)verb: To creep or stalk to a lesser degree without moving (used in place of lurk)
(5)verb: To play, or more specifically, use the rocket-launcher in the video game Resistance: Fall of Man
(6)verb: To be cheap or unfair in the video game such as using the rocket-launcher's mini rockets. Resistance: Fall of Man
(1)"Shutup you stupid LARK, I'm trying to say something!"
(2)"Dude, Marvin, the LARK has mini rockets... gnarkill!!!"
(3)"Lets go LARK in the meadow... under a rainbow..."
(4)"LARK it up!!! Oooh look... party fowl."
(5)"Let's go LARK at my house. I just got a PS3 and Resistance!"
(6)"Damnit! That stupid newb is LARKING."
by Marvin Lingweeny June 11, 2007
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