3 definitions by teddy l.

1) a graphite shaft encased in wood, usually with some type of rubber eraser fashioned to the end

2) licnep spelled backwards
Steve: Dang! I broke my graphite shaft encased in wood!
Steve's Friend: You mean your pencil?
by teddy l. May 17, 2007
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1)to play or frolick cheerfully
2)a type of bird that flies
3)kral spelled backwards
1)Today, while i was larking about cheerfully, i came across and aardvark.
2)Drat!I hit that lark also known as a brid that flies with my car.
3)Joey was not given credit on the spelling test when he wrote kral even though it is the same thing as a lark.
by teddy l. May 29, 2006
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Slang for cool, awesome, boss, pro, wicked, rad, gnarly, nasty, crazy, sweet, etc...

The oppistie of analog.
Last night was digital dude...
That'd be digital if you could hook me up.

Women's rights...? That's such an analog subject!
by teddy l. March 04, 2008
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