To do a Larking is to wander around aimlessly in your workplace, chatting to anyone who will listen to you in order to avoid your duties in your workplace as much as possible.
"Have you seen Patty around?" "Nah he's at the Dog's desk doing a Larking"
by DVC Queen 69 June 11, 2009
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A cool cat, very smart, knows his worth and isn't afraid to tell people. Don't mess wit a lark, everybody wants to be a lark.
The larkness of it all
by A Hinojosa March 06, 2015
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Someone here spelled "retarded" like this, "retated"... now who's the fuckin retard.. herb. lol
WWPHSS was the only place I've ever heard that word be used (lark), just so uz know.
by lar-k May 04, 2003
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A term used to label the mentally retarted... OR RETARTS!!!!!!! Or just a dumbass.
Joe got a 5% on the quiz, he's such a fuckin lark.
by Ryan Snyder April 22, 2003
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to stab your leg repeatedly in front of someone then force them to drink your blood.
dude, i totally larked that kid with the eyeliner.
by torri mccalvin November 03, 2007
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v. When someone believes he/she is displaying hegemony in a situation but ultimately fails miserably.
John guaranteed me he was gonna score tonight but ended up in his room wanking it. Totally shit the lark.
by STL king March 01, 2009
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