Speedy, real quick like

Also: to do something in a super speedy or swift manor
"Dude, that pizza got here hella lark." or, "Where'd Clarence go? He was just here." "Oh, he larked out, bro."
by Cosmic Seahorse February 10, 2018
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Lark is also a name! Larks are sweet,funny,kind, and trustworthy. Larks tend to have trust issues, so DON’T give them a reason to not trust you. They tend to have a quirky attitude but, as soon as they get home they could collapse on their bed and cry for hours. Don’t underestimate Larks though, they WILL prove you wrong.
Wow! That Lark girl sure is outgoing!
by meishangry March 1, 2019
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Laugh, a bit of fun, a joke, a jape.

Often mistaken by foolish and ill-educated West-country folk as 'laugh', because they can't understand a bloody word Southerners say.
"Fuck this for a lark."

"That'll be a right lark."
by El_Core November 12, 2005
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Lark is a tasty chemical most commonly vaped. Lark produces an extremely intense euphoric effect.

May cause user to “seize” or die.
Ay can I smack on that Lark homie

Yo can I buy 5 bottles of lark tonight?
by Lark boy October 23, 2019
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"Man. She's cute. She's no Lark but she'll do."
by iPizzle the MC March 12, 2009
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To have a lark means; to fool around with ones friends & have a laugh (onli jkin)... have a laugh, mess around
eeeh friday nites r 4 havin a lark!
by not a chav September 17, 2005
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A person who routinely wakes up way too early and feels the rest of the world should too. They force early morning meetings on others, but often become fatigued in the afternoons.
A person who answers the phone on the first ring at 6 AM on a Saturday.
No one am I going to allow that lark to force a 7 AM staff meeting on us when are usual time is 2 PM.

by EdwardCoast October 13, 2008
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