Originating from the word "lard" meaning fat; plus Y =Lardy meaning "Fatty"
Kyle: Are you a lardy Ezell?
Ezell: Whats a lardy?
Kyle: Yes or No are you a lardy???
Ezell: Yes, Im a lardy!!!!!
Ezell: What did i just say?????
by Elora's Boyfriend May 23, 2005
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someone who is way too sassy; not fat
Wow Ronan, why are you being such a lardi today?
by Chicken Lardi March 17, 2017
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An adjective to describe a congealed substance that resembles animal lard in appearance.
Chelsey's chicken soup sat in the fridge all semester; now it's all lardy.
by tombomb10 April 15, 2011
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An obese individual of either sex. A Lardarse, Fattie, bloatmiester, porkbeast, chubbster,
Whoah, look at that lardie.
Did you get laid last night?, yeah, I was wasted and she was real lardie, but every holes a goal, right?
by FatLuvRools August 22, 2003
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When someone is a combination of fat/lazy and habitually late/incompetent.
Donna was 15 minutes late for work this morning and completely forgot to provide a quote for a big customer. . . she's such a lardy-tardy.
by Professor Eloquence April 30, 2011
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"eh lads, look at that lardy scene, haha"...
by Wilsdon April 12, 2009
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a person who is so fat that, even their bones are made of lard. People with this condition usually eat a lot of beans.
That boy over there has lardy bones, i can tell because he is really fat.
by laughing_bun May 25, 2006
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