The act of punching a hole in the bottom of a beer can with simply one's thumb in order to obtain a perfect opening to shotgun said beer.

An expert lapping would entail using ones lower canine tooth to pierce the top of the just shotgunned beer and tear off the cap of the beer.
"I want to shotgun! who has a key?"
"We dont need keys, Dan's lapping the beers for us!"

"Hey, guys! I just lapped my first beer!"

"Wow, I'm drunk. I just got dont lapping about 6 beers in a row."

"How did you do that!?"
"I just lapped it"

"He can lapp beers!?"
"yeah he's a lapper!"
by BigD229 October 24, 2011
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Describes the state of mind when high or stoned;
the feeling you get when you are high, where it feels like you are repeating things. Originating in Eastern Missouri and is still a rare word to hear.
11:14:50)I was lapping last night, and now I don't even know what I did last night, do you remember...

11:15:10)I was lapping last night, and now....dude did I just say this??
by Matt_T_Brown June 24, 2008
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