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1. the belief that not all languages are created equal and do not share equal beauty or function. Also the belief that the spoken language will always sound equally bad or good despite the speaker for any set language.
β€œTheir languagism made them avoid the foreign movie while it was in theaters, their friends raved about it later, but they refused to watch something in German even if it was the movie of the century.”
by EriTanaka June 28, 2016
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A form of discrimination, it is the negative reaction to the fear of what someone is saying in a language that is not understood, thus leading to anger against the speaker of another language, even if that language is native to the speaker.
In a recent incident related on the nativenewsnetwork website, a Menominee seventh grader was suspended from school for teaching a classmate how to say "I love you" in her native tongue. Her teacher, hearing but not understanding the child's native tongue, reacted by having her suspended from school. In discussing the incident, we decided the teacher was guilty of languagism.
by February 07, 2012
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