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To be sexually abused by an individual who has recently immigrated
That poor German girl was merkeled by three Syrian migrants
by collosoll January 15, 2016
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Someone anyone from the "old world" from an American perspective.
Josh: Dude we got a new black dude in class!
Tony: I wonder if he is from Compton lol
Josh: No,no dude. Hes a main-lander, hes from Nigeria!
by collosoll May 23, 2014
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The belief/pride in a ethnic group, based on cultural and genetic makeup.
Ethnic nationalists often strive for autonomy of their specific ethnic group from another ruling nation.
John is an Ethnic Nationalist and is supporting the independence of Kurdistan, East Turkestan, and Tibet! Ethnic Nationalism is great!
by collosoll May 23, 2014
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