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1: A large explosive gun use to pwn lesser players in the videogame "gears of war"

2: A tequila shot containing gunpowder;
only to be drunk by the most grizzled of men.
1: "Holy shit!! Did you see what that boomshot did to his spine??"

2: "My wife left me, my house burned down, and hitler killed my dog...pappa wants a boomshot"
by galactic_panda February 07, 2009
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1. Most commonly known as a gun from Gears of War.
2. A sexual term for cumming inside a girls ass and then her 'farting it back out' into a different girl's mouth.
1. "Yo dude, did you see my epic boomshot 360 kill in Gears of War?"
2. "Yo my main man Michael had a threesome with two chicks and boomshot'd them.
by NeonSkelion August 02, 2015
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When your brother throws your mom's dildo at your face.
Dude did you hear Justin boom shot Cameron last night?
I watched it happen bro he fell on his ass. It was the best boom shot ever
by Balls 4 free January 24, 2019
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