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Lanaya's are kind hearted and very sweet. Hardworking and a good listener and very caring toward other peoples feelings.
I like Lanaya
by Pristine Kristine February 08, 2010
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Lanaya is a very kind hearted person , but can be men when you address her the wrong way. She usually gets picked on in school but doesn't give a fuck. Lanaya has beautiful long curly hair and is very pretty with usually hazel or light brown eyes. She doesn't think anyone likes her but a lot of boys admire her. Girls don't like her because they not her.
I like Lanaya she is very pretty
by Lovely.girl1234 March 27, 2017
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Lanaya is a very nice girl who is strong and is loyal to everyone. If someone doesn't like her she dosnet care . Lanaya is smart and sticks up for people lanaya is a beautiful girl . The definition of lanaya is queen . Everyone loves lanaya because of her since of humour. Lanaya is one of the best friends you can have and she will treat you right everyone loves her.
OMG lanaya is her
by Shjsjsjs November 19, 2017
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a bitch ass cunt who thinks shes hot but really shes as flat as a bord and very ugly
lanaya omg that new girl is so

i know shes sooo ugly
by emo-prep October 24, 2008
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